Malta Polar's Ultimate Goal

The Story
Goal takes you on the journey of a young American Latino who plays for Newcastle United in the English Premier League, Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League, and ultimately in the greatest sporting event in the world
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– The FIFA World Cup. Follow this young man’s story as he beats the odds and pushes his way to the top of the soccer world and achieves his lifelong dream.

You’re going to Love Goal: This exciting film takes you to the streets of America to uncover the tough road and all its obstacles to success in the most popular and electrifying sport in the world. This movie is a great example that “Every Dream Has a Beginning.”

Malta Polar has teamed up with Disney’s Buena Vista Pictures’ movie Goal! to create the exciting Ultimate Goal sweepstakes. Who better to join forces with the most exciting soccer trilogy of all time than Malta Polar, the best energy malta in South Florida. Don’t miss your chance to win cool prizes from Malta Polar, or the start of the greatest soccer trilogy of all time. Goal! opens April 20, 2006.

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